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One for the Road


One for the Road


Director: Trevor Howlett


September 2008



One for the Road is a wickedly observant comedy that finds Dennis, on the eve of his thirty-fifth birthday, making a last ditch attempt to break away from the confines of his middle-class existence.


Imprisoned on Phase Two of the housing estate, and surrounded by Tupperware parties, Weight Watchers and wife-swapping, he tries to revert to his former easy-going way of life. He reaches breaking point when next door neighbours Roger and Jane arrive for his party carrying presents that epitomise the hated way of life.


In between giving instructions on the telephone to his parents (lost in the maze of bungalows) and keeping his vandalizing aerosol hidden, Dennis attempts to pack a rucksack. When he finds that, in turn, Jane, Roger and Pauline all want to come with him, he sinks down in front the TV, unable to make his escape. But there is always next year, or the year after…..