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Brassed Off


Director: Peta Maidman


September 2007 



Adapted for the stage by Paul Allen from Mark Herman's film, Brassed Off was first seen at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre and subsequently at the Olivier at the National Theatre, London.

Grimley Colliery is set to close as the accountants say there's more money in it shut than open, even after redundancy payments. It means 1200 job losses, a dying town and the loss of its brass band.

But under the leadership of Danny, coughing with coal-dusted lungs, the band is somehow ransformed into British champions with local lass Gloria whipping up the money needed to get them to the Albert Hall.




Cast                                             Characters


Matthew Curran                          Shane         


Neil Maidman                              Phil


trevor Howlett                             Jim


Graham J. Evans                        Harry


Huw Rosser                                 Andy                  


Shelley Bethan Morgan            Gloria


Claire Hallett                              Rita


Yve Price                                     Vera


Lauran Thomas                         Melody




Miscellaneous cast:


Jerry Grummitt, Lee Elliot, Sarah Davies,

Yvonne Stephenson and Elen Stephenson.

Shelley Bethan Morgan as Gloria in Brassed Off